Elections Community of Practice and Learning (ECOPL) is a coalition of highly recognized civil society organizations, media houses and activists working together to positively influence elections planning, administration and system in Ghana, ECOPL members hold the view that there is strength in a critical mass – that irrespective of individual orgainzation’s resources and reputation, much will not be achieved when we work in silos.

ECOPL on constitutional reforms stern from STAR-Ghana’s learning vision to strengthen and encourage learning, internally in STAR-Ghana and externally amongst civil society organizations and across diverse stakeholders in Ghana; and more particularly to mobilize critical stakeholders within the governance landscape to harness and share the lessons and emerging issues in respect of the implementation of recommendations for constitutional reforms in Ghana.

ECOPL has four (4) priority areas. They are as follows:

  •  CRC Watch initiative
  •  Peace and security
  •  Election credibility and inclusivity
  •  ICT tools in elections management